Thomas Sprenger is a graphic designer
and art director based in munich.
He is specialized in brand identities and graphic design
for publishers, galleries, cultural institutions and artists.
He make quality printed products
in the field of culture and brand image.


His priorities are:

Corporate design
Editorial design
Book- and magazine design
Packaging design


I look forward to every new challenge and contacts
and I am always interested in new projects.


Kunstarkaden München, Filser & Gräf, Brigitta Maria Lankowitz 
Droemer/Knaur Verlag, Berlin Verlag, Radom House, Piper Verlag, Fischer Verlag,
Ullstein Verlag, Blanvalet Verlag, Bastei Lübbe Verlag, Louisoda Verlag, Heragon Verlag, MVG Verlag
Zimmerei Frank, Allterraring Immobilien, Triumph, Paulaner, Wrigley, Linea Natura, Grabower, 3 G Hutchinson, Baufritz,
H.I.S Jeans, Infineon, Siemens, Frei, FM Radio Network, Grammer Office, Böhm + Weise Druckerei, Weisscam